How To Buy and Sell on




There are some aspects which are necessary to perform when you wish to buy Jobs from They are easy to understand and simple to perform. Once it is done, you will find easy buying at

Initially you need to register an account at through Email verification. Thus you will have full access to this site.

If you are a buyer, then establish your profile by giving all of your relevant information. It will help the seller to know about you and also to think about you seriously.

Surf the site to search interesting jobs for you.

In case of searching, you will find three options to make your task easy-

  • Your search could be done through keywords on our site or
  • Searching might be accomplished by browsing through category and then choose your desired one or
  • Again if any member is known to you then search the user by respective username to select his or her job.

When you are placing your jobs buying order, our recommendation is to know the seller personally before submitting your order and be clear about job’s all possibilities as well as seller’s availability and the delivery time.

If you are satisfied with your demands, then don’t be late to place your order!

Payment Details

After the completion of all understandings about your job(s) clicking on the order option will lead you to the payment page. Here you need to select your payment system.

Click on the corresponding link of your favorable payment gateway. In this way, complete total payment process and diverge back to

After the completion of you profile’s payment histories updated site will redirect you to the order tracking page.

On this page, you will need to provide information to the seller which they must have had requested. Because if you do not give the requested information, order placed by you will not be informed to seller. Once you submit the information as required by the seller, he/ she will be informed about your order and gets initiated for processing.


Post Order Details

When you have clear payment system for the order placed, then you need to be clear about the aspects mentioned below.

Feel relax when your part is done for now and give a time to complete your order. If the seller feels the information you have provided is not sufficient for him/ her and then he/she may contact with you demanding additional information through your registered email address. When all the formalities are done, that means, your order is ready you will have an email in your registered email address from us.

Verify your order and if it is downloadable, then download the same.

Then you will have to give your valuable feedback to the seller.

So keep enjoying your order on To share your joy, don’t miss to help your known buddies by informing the stunning job deals available on this site.



If you have a talent or if you possess any such skill that you want to sell then join us. We provide the best deals online to help you to be a seller.

You will find yourself in an easy to sell jobs at For this, you are required to complete some stress-free steps.

To grab the best deals here, you need to have an account on for FREE.

Complete the email verification to have full access to this site.  Update your profile with full information if you want to inform the buyer that leads to think seriously about you.

Now you are ready to sell your amazing job(s). To start the selling process, click on the ‘Start Selling’ or ‘Create a Job’ from the top Navigation Menu. It will direct you to the Job creation page.

Attention! Read submission guidelines first. According to the rules mentioned here create exclusive and exciting jobs. To make your job lucrative and to attract more visitors add interesting images, videos or content; but needs to be relevant to the job.

Post Submission

After creating the job, wait and give chance to the moderation team to review your jobs. If your job gets posted then we have various types of offers to promote your job(s) on


Push to Top:

This exciting feature is for all the sellers on To bring your job to the main page of you can go to your detailed job page and keep clicking Push to Top link every day. The advantage is that, the main page is mostly visited by the buyers and by doing so you can grab a buyer easily.


We Promote:

You will get more mileage of your job on our site, because submit our client job(s) on different social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and so on. Our promotion is not confined  to this, we also promote our site by different ways such as advertising banner or contextual links besides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), directory submissions, RSS feed submissions and many similay types of facilities.


You Promote:

If you wish beyond our services, you can also submit your jobs to all of your social networking sites to have greater promotion.


Order Processing Details:

When buyer contacts the seller for any clarification after knowing your jobs crudely, give authentic and quick replies.

We will send you an email to your registered email ID when a buyer orders as per your information.

You need to login to your account on  to access the order from Manage Sales link. What are the required details? Check it out and process the order.

Always perform the delivery before date you are obliged to complete the duty to increase your reputation and have some other benefits. Don’t forget to ask the buyer to leave a feedback, which will increase your reputation as a seller.

You are ready to withdraw your payment by the withdraw deadline once the order is completed.

Keep enjoying your works of creating more innovative jobs and also earn money. We are always here to wish you all the best.

So join us if you want to sell your micro jobs.