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Servicing artists of all levels from independent musicians to major labels, Seaborn Audio aims to provide the industry with professional results at affordable rates. "My focus is on helping you achieve your vision and taking your project to new heights. I love the process of bringing music to life--creating depth, power, and pulling the emotion in a song out for the audience to feel."

With a very clear intention Tate has configured a custom combination of analog equipment to provide a unique method for mixing and mastering audio. With so many projects today being done solely in the digital realm it is very common for people to want an injection of analog flavor into their music. Introducing the analog world into your productions can help to smooth the high end and round out the lows, creating a more pleasant sound on your ears and infusing a naturalness and realness often unachievable otherwise. Creating music entirely in the digital world is like painting in the void of space, where taking that same project into the analog world is like painting it on a canvas, where a sense of real space and texture is achieved.
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